Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Buckland Rules! The first act is finished.

When I say finished you'll understand that at the moment we are talking first draft, and that it has yet to be revised, and that it lacks any music which is sort of important as it's a musical, but it is finished, in that there are now words on paper, in a reasonable order, ready for all those things to happen to them. Hence there is a certain amount of jollity in the air. This might also be connected to the fact that this morning we booked flights to the States which means another stay in New York plus all sorts of other goodies and family fun yet to be arranged.
I have the second act mapped out and I shall start on that later today. Matt, who is writing the music should at this moment be finally having the operation on his back that has been postponed three times so far, but that shouldn't hamper his composing skills he assures me. It's a funny job writing a musical - especially if you haven't done one before - and we've decided that the best way in is for me to find the structure and then we deconstruct it and find the moments when the music can push the action on.
In complete contrast next week is the development week for a piece for tinys I've written for Big Window Theatre. We're not going to give the two actors the script but make them play around the action points because actors once given a script cling on to it like a comfort blanket and won't attempt anything that requires two hands. So that's going to be fun, and the week ends in London where I'll see Jerusalem, which had better be good because the ticket cost the bloody earth.