Friday, 13 September 2013

Lets's sell off Royal Mail! What Good idea ...

In recent years there have been two brilliant ideas concerning the Post Office and Royal Mail.
The one was to do with branding. It went like this. We have a name that everyone knows, Royal Mail. A lot of brands would kill to have such an easily recognised name that not only tells exactly what it does but also reeks of security and heritage. So why don't we spend millions of pounds changing it to ....Consignia. A name that says nothing at all about anything at all. Now I'm the last one to point the finger at someones inability to come up with a snappy title having lost hours of sleep trying to think of titles for my plays. But, really, Consignia?
It sank without trace - if you discount the huge expense incurred paying the consultants to come up with a shit name, and the IT people for changing all the systems, and the printers and the people who make the signage. In fact looked on as a job creation scheme it might just have been value for money.
Now comes the second brilliant idea. 
Remember the scramble for British Telecom shares, British Rail shares, energy shares etc etc that helped to define the greed of the Thatcher period and left us with the kind of chaos exemplified our shambolic rail system?  Well, that was good fun wasn't it?
Let's sell off the Post Office. Let's put jobs and services at risk. Let's allow those with lots of money make even more. Let's get rid of another national industry so we can show a brief upturn in the deficit when we factor in the profit we make for the sale and sod the almost certain decline of the nationwide post service.
Has anyone got the energy to rehearse again all the reasons why this is such a bad idea?  When the bastards are going to do it anyway?
If Ed Miliband wants a sure fire vote winner he should come out now and promise that a Labour government would immediately re - nationalise the Post Office without any compensation to those are now queuing in disbelief that they have been given another opportunity to stick their greedy noses in the trough.