Monday, 24 May 2010

Looking for the Rainbow.

It's not bad is it when a member of the audience of the audience describes your play as being the best story she's ever seen. Granted she was only four years old, but praise is praise. Penny and the team have done a great job with the show and it worked very well last Friday when it had it's first outing in front of real live kids. I was really pleased. Everything worked, and even when they had to play to 40 small people instead of the 20 it's designed for it still went down a storm - they sat riveted and offered up suggestions at all the right places.
If you have small people who need entertaining over the next month there is a list of public performances on the company's website. It's going to Derby, Lincoln, York, Nottingham and Lichfield to name but a few.

Tour dates can be found at

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The First Day of Rehearsal

The first day of rehearsal.  Wet, cold, and windy.  Why wouldn't it be?  It's the tenth of May.  Kelly's set is there.  Lucy and Kelly put it up and it's dressed with a few bits and pieces.  We have a read through.  Change a couple of things here and there.  Dan starts working with Beth and Janet on the music. 

                                         Penny,Lucy, Beth and Janet  put up Kelly's set. 

And then it's lunchtime and I go home. I'll return on Friday for a stagger through and then we'll see if there's any more work to be done.  Now I'm at home working on a second draft and ideas for another commission.  When I get back on Friday the set will be painted, the cast off the book, the music worked into the whole and we'll see how it feels, do what needs to be done and ten days after that the tour will start.  I read an interview with Ridley Scott this morning when he said that he never forgets how lucky he is that he has a job that he really wants to do.  I know what he means.