Thursday, 2 January 2014

Back On The Road with A Girl With A Book

Actually - Back On The Road - sounds a bit too rock and roll. Yes, I'm starting a tour of the one man play A Girl With A Book a week tomorrow but it can't really count as being on the road as I'll be home as soon as it's over and the next date won't be for another few weeks. Still it's something I haven't done for a long time and it is beginning to feel a little bit scary.
It seemed a good idea. You wrote the play.  You do it.  That's what they said and yes I wanted to do it and yes I have done it three times so far trying it out but Friday week at Square Chapel in Halifax will be my first paying audience for ... well. let's say quite some time.
It makes sense. It's only me, I don't need to book three weeks solid, I can pop up anytime I get a booking which means that so far I have dates though to June. I know it backwards. I've had a great director. The performances so far have been very well received.  Which is good. But it's beginning to dawn on me that it is only me.  Nobody else to help me out.  Nobody else to blame. Nobody else.
And tomorrow I'm going to have a full run through. Just me.  Getting back into the feel of it.  And then I'll think about it for a couple of days and run it through everyday next week expect Thursday. And on Friday I'll go to Halifax. Last night I dreamt I turned up at a large theatre based in a school and just before I went on I realised I'd left the set and props at home and all I'd brought with me was a pencil. Now a pencil plays a very important part but I do carry a little bit more - a table, a carpet, chairs, books, a laptop, a saucer etc etc.  I woke up as I was on my way back to the stage with the props I'd discovered around the school but I got lost and couldn't find the stage... I haven't made any of this up.
Next week I confidently expect to be dreaming about performing naked.