Thursday, 27 June 2013

Well done George Osborne.

George Osborne.
Twitter of the £10 take away burger.
Millionaire Chancellor in a cabinet of millionaires.
Author of the current spending review.
Responsible for the following -
Libraries closing.
Swimming baths and leisure centres mothballed.
Benefits cut.
MS and cancer patients suffering the humiliation of having to be 'tested' before their disability allowances can be ratified.
The unemployed made to wait a week before they can make a claim.
Council house tenants charged extra for having a spare bedroom.
Financing free schools.
Food banks.
Pushing over 600000 children into poverty.
Museums and arts centres closing.
Cuts in real terms to the NHS.
Cuts in real terms to Education.
The increase in pawnbrokers on the high street.
Cuts to Local Government and therefore to essential local government services.
The future refurbishment of the site of the Battle of Waterloo.  If refurbishing is what you do to the site of a Belgium battle.
The huge growth of payday loan industry - legal and illegal.
The list goes on.
And on.

And who is responsible for the mess that is forcing the Chancellor to take these measures?
The answer is simple.
The poor.
The disabled.
The sick.
The mentally ill.
The terminally ill.
The middle income family.
These are the selfish bastards who have been squandering our country's wealth.

But George Osborne is a fair man and he knows that if we are to solve our economic problems we have to do it together - indeed we are all in it together - and that is why instead targeting the feckless irresponsible spendthrifts who from their hospitals beds, nurseries, schools, wheelchairs, and decaying council estates have brought this country to its knees he has made sure that those with the most are asked to contribute the most.
The top quintile will face cuts of 4% and the bottom quintile will only have to deal with cuts to their income of 3.9%. cf:

So that's alright, isn't it?
Nobody's going to suggest that the impact a 4% cut for those at the top of the pile is peanuts compared to what a 3.9% cut will be like for in the bottom 5% income bracket.

George Osborne is a man it would be easy to mock. I've seen the articles and heard the jokes about how he changed his name by deed pole from Gideon to George at thirteen. He only did what many of us would have liked to have done. If someone had given me the chance to change my name from Nicholas to Peter, or John, or David, or just about anything that didn't stick out every time the register was called I'd have taken it in a second.

I don't want to call George Osborne to account for what he did when he was a thirteen year old boy.
I want to know how he sleeps at night after what he's done at the age of forty two.
Is he proud?
Does he feel it's a job well done?
I still believe that no matter how many times individuals fail to live up to the standards we expect, the majority of politicians go into politics because they want to make a difference. 
You've certainly done that George.